When I Die (Death Notes)

January 24, 2020 Jaat 0

When I breathe my last, let no dirge be sung. When I’m pronounced dead, let no lamentation be done. Let no generous Jeremiahs turn jeremiad upon my corpse. Let no

Nigeria At 59, There Was A Country

Nigeria At 59, There Was A Country

October 1, 2019 Jaat 0

Father told me “son, free education once happened in this land. Free care at hospitals with effective drugs Almost free food, less tedious jobs, almost free everything” I asked, are

My Name Is Khan

September 24, 2019 Jaat 0

Have said I won’t say a word Have said I will wait till they see the light and know The Truth Yet,this is taking eternity Can they tell me why


September 17, 2019 Ridz 0

The Glory Of The Sun In the morning she rises; In goodness and grace and glory and blessings, Out of Yesterday’s mat,announcing the birth of another day, Notifying homo sapiens